Japan Life: Streets of Downtown Beppu-shi

After settling down a bit more at APU and slowly growing used to the new lifestyle, I finally had the chance to go into town (located at the bottom of the mountain that I am living on) and venture through a part of Beppu, Oita, Japan that I’ll be living in for the next few months.

My APU Buddy (a Korean student who I got paired up with for the duration of my exchange program) was kind enough to take a friends and I into town for a bit of sight-seeing and some serious shopping. We took a bus that leaves from AP House bus-stop and walked… a lot. I was also able to take a lot of photos along the way, capturing bits and pieces of Beppu-shi that I found interesting. It is a very quiet city, but extremely beautiful in its own way.

Here in Beppu-shi, you will find Pachinko‘s all over the place (nearly every other block… and I’m not exaggerating). Some are very fancy and high-class-looking like the one in the photo below. Pachinko‘s are large Casino buildings with lots and LOTS of slot-machines.

I confess… that I have a major fascination with streets in Japan. There is always so much going on in one photograph, and I always feel like I’m playing “I Spy” when I stare at one. Some people think that streets in Japan are too busy, there are too many things in one location, and that there’s no space… but I find them to be very beautiful. Something about them just screams at me to snap a shot!

I even got to walk through one of those outdoor streets that has a roof over it (but I have no idea what they are called…). And it eventually got dark, making the walk through Beppu-shi at night a completely different experience.

Before returning to AP House, my friends and I went to a huge shopping center called YouMe Town (but in Japanese, they pronounce it as yume… as in the word, 夢, to dream), and I finally bought groceries to stock up my fridge.

Here’s a snapshot of two kiwi plushies that I spotted in the supermarket! (Has anyone ever tried yellow kiwis before? Apparently they are much sweeter than green kiwis!)


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