Japan Life: Hanami (Flower Viewing)

Every year, around this time in April, when the season begins to change once again, a special occurrence happens… namely among Sakura (Cherry Blossom) trees. Their lifespan of usually one-three weeks after full bloom finally ends, and their petals begin to fall.

Students of AP House hosted an event over the weekend at Beppu Park for a Hanami; the hundreds-of-years-old practice of having a picnic under Sakura or Ume trees.

When we first arrived at the park, we witnessed the most amazing bubble-making ever!! I have never seen such huge bubbles before in my life! Our entire group of college students felt jealous of this man’s children, because they get to play with these bubbles whenever they want, haha.

On the way to our picnic sight, I passed rows of different types of flowers.

I also witnessed two little boys trying to retrieve something that fell into the water. I was worried for their safety, but the water was really shallow and their father was watching over them the whole time… (so I couldn’t help but take this shot…)

Then we finally got to our picnic sight… but unfortunately, because there was an intense rainstorm right before the day of the event, and majority of the Sakura petals fell by the time we arrived at the park for our picnic… there wasn’t much Sakura left to see. But I was able to snap some shots of the seldom few that lasted the storm.

Most people say that Sakura are at their most beautiful when they are in full bloom. And yes, although that is very true… I find them to also still be very beautiful after they have fallen. They will slowly wither away, reunite with mother Earth, and be reborn for next year so that we can witness their short lifespan once again.


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