Japan Life: New Hairstyle

After 2 months in Japan, I realized that my hair was getting ridiculously long. Well… not RIDICULOUSLY long since my hair is actually very short already. But my bangs were covering my face , there were no more layers… and there was absolutely no style. I really needed a haircut!

Now… I haven’t been to a hair salon in over a year (because I was saving up money, and I’ve been cutting my own hair up until now).

So I won’t lie. I was a bit scared and intimidated when I first walked into the salon. My group of friends decided to wander the shopping district in Oita City while I was getting a haircut. But things went pretty smoothly (minus my limited Japanese vocabulary, which actually stirred up some very interesting conversations between me and the hair-stylist, haha), and I was able to get a very good cut at an amazing price!

What I love about the way things are done in Japan is how dedicated people are to their jobs. They take care of things to the tiniest of details, are very organized, and are absolutely thorough with the task at hand. My hairstylist spent a lot of time on cutting and styling my hair, making sure that nearly every strand was perfect, and I truly appreciated that.

And now… I’m in love with the style! It’s short enough for the upcoming summer season, but just long enough so that I can style it however I want.

Now, for some shots of myself.

I had lots of time after class, so I was able to take plenty of photos. I decided to go for a new style in the way I edit my photos, and played around a lot with lighting and color.

I haven’t been able to do much photo-shooting ever since I got to Japan. But hopefully I’ll get a chance to do one while I’m here!



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