Q: Is KURO your real name?
A: No, it’s not. It’s my Cosplay Name. For many reasons, I don’t like to mix my personal life with the internet too much. I want to keep them separate. Only those who know me or have met me in person know my real name. At the moment I don’t want to mesh the two together. But maybe one day I will.

Q: How did you get into Cosplay?
A: Ahh… I’ve known about cosplay for years; ever since my first anime convention experience. But I never had the guts to really get into it until the year 2011. You can read about my decision a little more in detail in this post.

Q: Do you cosplay a lot?
A: I started cosplay in 2011, but only recently have I begun to really get into cosplay. With school, real life, and financial needs, I’m prohibited to cosplay as much as I really want to. But if I could, I’d cosplay every single day.

Q: Do you make your own cosplays?
A: Yes and No. There are certain outfits that are too complex for my level of sewing, so I would either purchase the outfit or have it commissioned by a friend/cosplayer. Other times, I “mix and match” bought-items and self-made items. I like to spend as less money as I possibly can when it comes to cosplay. But I am also a perfectionist. So if I know that I can’t make something (whether it be an outfit or a prop) decently enough to look okay… then I will just spend the extra money and buy one that someone else has made.

Q: How do you make your photos looks so nice?
A: Practice? Haha. I’ve been doing Photography since 2010 (and I know I will ever stop). When I first started, I would just take my newly bought DSLR camera everywhere with me, photographing anything that I thought was interesting or would make a good photograph. Of course, through those hundreds (or was it thousands?) of photographs, I began to see where my strongest points were and where my interests lie in Photography. When I took an “Intro to Photography” course at my university, I really tried to challenge myself. And then the following semester, my Photography professor asked me to intern for him, allowing me to learn, become exposed to, and work with Studio Photography. It was through that internship that I began to take Photography even more seriously, and began to involve myself with different types of projects and photoshoots. And it was all just practice, practice, practice. Keep taking photos. See what works. See what doesn’t work. And continue from there.

Q: What programs do you use to edit your photos?
A: For my photographs, I always use Lightroom 3.4 to enhance the contrast and brightness. Then I use Photoshop CS4 for text, gradients, color, after-effects and such if needed. When it comes to Cosplay Photography, I like to exaggerate photos a little more because I am trying to bring out the characters’ true nature. But outside of Cosplay Photography, I like to keep things simple and clean.

Q: Do you do photoshoots for other people/cosplayers?
A: I will. Up until now, I’ve only done photoshoots with people/cosplayers that I know personally, or people/cosplayers that I meet through friends. But since I’ve been getting many requests from other people/cosplayers, I have plans to offer photoshoots to people outside of my group of friends.

Q: Where do you watch/download all of your anime?
A: I torrent all of my anime. I use the uTorrent client and I usually download from nyaa.eu.
Here are some fansubbing groups that I follow;
Commie Subs
Horrible Subs
Doki Subs


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